PORTUMOLDE´s experts and state of the art technologies perform innovative solutions far beyond conventional applications. We are constantly obsessed with improvement of the our solutions in order to increase our and customers´ competitiveness.


We are fully equipped, technically and technologically, to develop and produce the most demanding precision moulds in accordance with the highest quality and productivity standards, particularity tools involving die casting, multiple cavities, multi component injection moulding combining different materials, in-mould labeling and decoration, over moulding, etc.


PORTUMOLDE is focused on continuing to be one reference provider of value added services and products, specializing in development, engineering and manufacture of moulds and tools for the most demanding industries – automotive and household sector, telecommunications and electrical appliances, packaging, and die casting.





•    DIE CASTING Moulds – aluminium, zamak, magnesium, etc...

•    Thermoplastics INJECTION MOULDS – 2-3K Multi-component injection, Tandem, Gas assisted injection, IML/IMD, Multi cavities, etc....

•    Elastomer Moulds.


PORTUMOLDE offers the most innovative and technical solutions for thermoplastic injection moulding and die casting.

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